Papers (available on request)

Termination for Convenience Clauses in Infrastructure Building and Construction Contracts

The Development of Quantum Meruit Claims – History, Development and Current Trends

Setting Aside Arbitral Awards for Error of Law

Climate Change and its impact on the South Pacific Island State of Tuvalu

The History and Development of Mediation and the Development of Goals and Skills of the Mediator

The Joinder of Third Parties in International Commercial Arbitration.

Claims Under the Alien Torts Claims Act 1789 (USA).

The Entrenchment of Mediation in Dispute Resolution Processes.

The Equity Joint Venture in Foreign Direct Investment in China.

Critical Analysis of the Constraints of a Dualist State in Incorporating Ratified Treaties in Australia.

Policy Development and the Recognition of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Resources Rich, Developing State of Liberia.

The Need for an International Environmental Court.

States’ Liability in Respect of the Impact on Climate Change by the Burning of Fossil Fuels.

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