About Me


Dennis Paul Wilson:
Independent Mediator and Arbitrator, consultant and party representative
Adjunct Professor (Administrative Law and Alternate Dispute Resolution) Notre Dame University Sydney Australia and at O.P. Jindal Global University, India
LLM, (International Law),
LLM (Business Law)
FCIarb, GAICD, IMI Accredited Mediator, CEDR Certified Mediator, NMAS
Director: International Alliance of Mediators and Arbitrators Pty Ltd


Barrister at Law in Australia
Admitted to practice on 22 April 1978.
Independent Mediator and Arbitrator, including International Commercial Arbitration, Adjudicator, Facilitator.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mediation including cross-border and multi-cultural mediation.
  • Arbitration including International Commercial Arbitration
  • Consulting and advising on internal and external dispute resolution systems and best practices.
  • Regulatory and compliance law.
  • Policy development and formulation including legislative review, license, permit and approval processes in the mining and resources industry.
  • Land Development and Planning Law, Environmental Law, International Environmental Law, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Mediation and Arbitration in all areas of dispute resolution and litigation,
  • World Trade Organisation disputes and dispute resolution,
  • Energy Charter Treaty disputes and dispute resolution.


University of Sydney Law School:

Master of Laws – LLM (International Law)
International Commercial Arbitration,
Mediation Theory and Skills,
Environmental Law in the Asia-Pacific Region,
International Environmental Law,
Global Energy and Resources Law,
International Law II,
Environmentally Sustainable Business,
Business Law in China.

Master of Laws – LLM (Business Law)
Corporate Social Responsibility,
Advanced Director’s Duties,
Investment Law in Asia,
Principles of the Law of Trusts,
World Trade Organisation Dispute Resolution,
Nature of the Common Law
Commercial Law Fundamentals
Oil and Gas Contracts Law

Diploma in Criminology.
Diploma in Law

Murdoch University (Perth, Western Australia):
Post Graduate Certificate in Building and Construction Law.

Harvard University (USA)
Mediation and Negotiation Program.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belguim)
Brussels Diplomatic Academy, Investor State Arbitration Masterclass:
Investment Arbitration.

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (United Kingdom).
Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration (Dip.Int Comm Arb)

Australian Institute of Company Directors - Graduate


Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia (Now the Resolution Institute).
Past President ACT Chapter
Mediation theory and skills program

National Mediation Accreditation (NMAS)
Accredited Mediator.

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (United Kingdom).
Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration (Dip.Int Comm Arb)
Fellow (FCIarb)

International Mediation Institute (IMI)
Certified Mediator obtained in Brussels 2014 recognising expertise in Multi- cultural and cross-border mediation.

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR)
Certified Mediator obtained in Singapore recognizing expertise in Multi-cultural and cross-border mediation.

Australian Institute of Company Directors
Graduate (GAICD).
International Company Directors Program Abu Dhabi.

International Alliance of Mediators and Arbitrators Pty Limited www.iama.asia
Chairman and CEO

New South Wales Mediation: http://www.newsouthwalesmediation.com.au

New South Wales Bar Association
Accredited Mediator, Arbitrator and Expert Determiner – empanelled - Supreme, District and Local Courts.

Association for International Arbitration (AIA) – EMTPJ Brussels 2014
Civil and Commercial Mediation – accredited mediator and empaneled arbitrator.
Accredited Mediator


Dubai Mediation Centre - mediator 

Gulf Co-operation Council (Bahrain) - arbitration panel

Vienna International Arbitration Centre - arbitrator and mediator listing.

Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration - arbitration and mediation panels

Florence International Mediation Council - mediation panel 

Supreme Court of New South Wales

District Court of New South Wales.

Local Court of New South Wales

Association for International Arbitration


In October 2015 I completed a paid consultancy reviewing legislation in Mongolia in the extractive and resources sector, and the development of policy and policy recommendations for transparency and disclosure based on the public interest in that sector.

I was appointed as a judge in the worldwide mediation and negotiation competition in Vienna in June/July 2016.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 I was the coach of the Notre Dame Sydney mediation and negotiation team competing in Paris in February 2017 and February 2018 and in Vienna in July 2017. The Notre Dame Team won the Australasian negotiation competition in Canberra in July 2017.

I was a judge in the Eastern VIS Arbitration Moot in Kuala Lumpur and in Hong Kong in March/April 2017 and 2018.

My specialty at the Bar is advocacy, arbitration, mediation and advising in my areas of interest.

I have engaged in mediation and arbitration both as mediator, arbitrator or as advocate for parties engaged in those processes since my admission to the Bar in 1978.

My experience in mediation ranges over a wide variety of matters including commercial, environmental, building and construction, tort claims, workers compensation claims, wills and estate administration, family law property issues and similar.

I consult, advise and implement systems for effective dispute resolution. Business must anticipate disputation internally, among its personnel for example, and externally, for example, with its customers. I provide seminars, consult, advise and implement systems for the resolution of disputes to ensure that business and business relationships are not broken.

I was the appointed arbitrator in a number of commercial arbitrations under the New South Wales and the Victorian Commercial Arbitration Acts, where my aim was to ensure that the parties engaged in a process to achieve just, quick, efficient and cost effective resolution of disputes. Arbitration and mediation were parallel processes resulting in the successful resolution of the disputes.

The Land and Environment Court of New South Wales successfully implements its statutory conciliation, arbitration and mediation services and I have participated in numerous matters under s34 of its legislation in the mediation of development and environmental disputes.

My interests in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) flow from the recognition that CSR should be understood, known to and implemented as an important and lawful consideration by corporations and by States whose policies should include principles of CSR as an important consideration in granting consents, leases, licenses, permits or property rights for the exploitation of resources and in respect of other commercial/ industrial undertakings. A firm understanding of domestic and international environmental law and issues is crucial for the purpose of a responsible and meaningful recognition of corporate social responsibility and the potential impingement on recognized human rights.

My interest in Corporate Governance flows from the requirement of corporate good governance for the purpose of the implementation of responsible corporate policy and strategy. That includes consultation on internal end external systems and methods of dispute resolution.

I was retained for the purpose of reporting and advising on corporate governance and oversight of 2 governmental and semi-governmental authorities in New South Wales Australia in respect of New South Wales’ water resources, their exploitation, protection and distribution.

I have been an advocate in hundreds of cases concerning land development and planning, and environmental law, particularly in the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, including the judicial review of administrative decisions both on merit (s97) and under s123 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. I am familiar with the formulation, implementation and application of environmental law and policy, both domestically and internationally. I have acted and appeared in matters concerning the aboriginal community including land rights and development issues.

I recognize and understand principles of environmentally sustainable development within a corporate context and I am favourably disposed to the recognition of the ‘triple bottom line’ (economic, environmental and social) in the application of corporate social responsibility principle.

I am an occasional lecturer in mediation skills and theory and arbitration, including international commercial arbitration, at University of Sydney Law School and the University of Technology Sydney.

My particular interest in arbitration is the comparative differences in the rules of various institutions and the possibility of universal rules in form, substance and application. The negotiation of numerous investment treaties in the Asia/Pacific region calls for closer attention to commercial arbitration and investor/state arbitration in those respects.