Dennis Wilson is a legal practitioner admitted to practice in New South Wales, Australia. Dennis is entitled to practise as a legal practitioner in other Australian States and Territories by virtue...


Arbitration is one of a number of Alternate Dispute Resolution methods. Other methods include mediation, negotiation, inquiry and conciliation. Generally, Alternate Dispute Resolution...


Mediation is a voluntary process by which the parties, with the assistance of the mediator, systematically isolate issues in dispute, develop options and consider the alternatives with the aim of reaching an agreement...

Dispute Resolution

Independent Mediator and Arbitrator, consultant and party representative Adjunct Professor (Administrative Law and Alternate Dispute Resolution) Notre Dame University Sydney Australia...
Dennis Wilson :: Mediation, Arbitration, World Trade Organisation disputes and dispute resolution, Energy Charter Treaty disputes and dispute resolution.

Mediation and Arbitration, including International Commercial Arbitration, are undoubtedly crucial in business, trade and commerce as effective methods of resolving disputes.

If mediation and arbitration are not considered as an integral part of your business you may be losing money and time and diverting your attention away from your core business activities.

newsouthwalesmediation is successful in assisting parties to resolve disputes through mediation and arbitration processes, achieving quick, economic and fair results and ensuring as much as possible that ongoing commercial relationships can be maintained without breakdown.

newsouthwalesmediation is successful in consulting, advising and implementing internal systems of dispute identification and resolution in a planned and reasoned way to avoid costly and time consuming dispute and disharmony within business.

newsouthwalesmediation also advises on contract terms to avoid uncertainty in the application of mediation and arbitration in the resolution of business, trade and commercial disputes.

Confidentiality in mediation and arbitration is important and is maintained at all times.

Mediation and Arbitration are effective in resolving disputes provided the processes are handled efficiently and effectively and newsouthwalesmediation does this in a timely, cost effective and fair way so that you and your business can do what it does best.


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